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The Top 50 Cloud Bloggers

I’m happy to learn that I’ve made Cloud Computing Journal’s list of the Top 50 Bloggers in Cloud Computing.

On Twitter, Social Media, and Privacy

The greatest threat to our own privacy remains ourselves. CNET reports that a twitter user believes that his home was robbed because he tweeted about being on vacation. Couldn’t see that one coming…

This is a huge problem with social media. So much of it is a thinly veiled conceit, and few think about how this information could be used against them. Sometimes the exploits can be quite subtle. The article on CNET makes some really good points about determining someone’s location through geotagged flickr photos, including where they live and when/where they are out of town.

We spend a lot of time with legislation around privacy (e.g. HIPAA) and infrastrcture that enforces privacy policy, but in the end we are our own worst enemies.

Right now, I’m at home. Sharpening my knives.


The new blog

Well, I finally did it. I started a blog. Thanks to David Linthicum for pushing me over the edge. I recently spent a bunch of time with Dave and he really inspired me to begin to reach out to the Internet community. 

The focus here is going to be on Web services, SOA, the cloud, and mix of personal stuff that has nothing to do with these but might give you a better perspective on who I am. 

Now at least I have a central place to organize writings. Let the blogging begin…