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Gartner AADI 2011 Presentation Video: API Management, Governance & OAuth

I delivered a talk all about API governance at last week’s Gartner Application Architecture, Development and Integration (AADI) summit in Las Vegas. I was the lunch time entertainment on Wednesday. The session was packed—in fact, a large number of people were turned away because we ran out of place settings. Fortunately, a video of the session is now available, so if you were not able to attend, you can now watch it online.

In this talk I explore how governance is changing in the API world. I even do a live OAuth demonstration using people, instead of computers. Unlike the classic “swim lane” diagrams that only show how OAuth works, this one also teaches you why the protocol operates as it does. (If you want to skip directly to the OAuth component, it begins at around 22 minutes. )


Beatniks in the Cloud

I’ve always been a fan of the Beats. Back when I was young and cool, I played bass guitar in a band called the Subterraneans, inspired of course by Kerouac’s novella of his relationship in decay, set inside the jazz underworld of San Francisco. Just as punk rock was to the music of the 70s, the Beats were a necessary reaction to society and the literature of the time. They had an influence, though sadly their image has been reduced to little more than the media-drawn caricature of the Beatnik.

Beatniks, however, are a great vehicle for satire. I was greatly flattered when David Linthicum sent me a link to this video, which riffs off a blog post I did titled Visualizing the Boundaries of Control in the Cloud.

This video is one of a series that Novell has put together looking at real issues in cloud computing. There’s another great episode that picks up on a post Linthicum wrote considering the weighty topic of fear of multi-tenancy.

Well done, Novell. You have redeemed the Beatniks for me.

Live From New York, It’s… The Cloud Power Panel

Well, not really live, but definitely from New York. Just before the recent Cloud Computing Expo, Sys-Con asked me to join their 2010 Cloud Computing Power Panel, hosted by the multi-talented Jeremy Geelan. The panel consisted of me, Greg O’Connor, CEO of AppZero; Tony Bishop, CEO of Adaptivity; and Marty Gauvin, CEO of Virtual Ark. We did in fact film right above Times Square, using the Reuter’s studio. The facility was amazing, the crew was top notch, and the resulting video looks great.

You can watch the Cloud Power Panel here. We covered a range of topics, from why enterprises will inevitably end up using the cloud, to how they must think differently to be successful out there. We even found time to consider something called Father-as-a-Service (FaaS).

GigaOm Structure: Private Clouds

Celeste LeCompte wrote up a great piece on the panel about private clouds I participated in yesterday at GigaOm Structure 09. I’m happy to have contributed the line that became her headline.

George Gilbert moderated an absolutely power-packed panel that also included:

  • James Urquart, Tech Strategist from Cisco
  • Chuck Hollis, VP and CTO of Global Marketing at EMC
  • Stephen Herrod, CTO and SVP R&D VMWare
  • Kia Behnia, CTO of BMC
  • Brandon Watson, Director of Azure Services Platform, Microsoft

Have a look at Celeste’s article, which also has the video of the event. I must say, I was really impressed with the GigaOm show. It was completely sold out (when was the last time you heard that happening?) and the level of organization of the tracks was really high. I’ve never spoken anywhere where they confiscated my phone before I got on stage (and for good reason–the production quality on the sound and video was top notch).

I was chatting briefly with AT&T’s Joe Weinman, who was the MC for the event (and whose dry-as-dust delivery was brilliant, BTW). He likened it to the Academy Awards for all the buzz and tech-celebrity attendance. Definitely the best show I’ve been to in recent memory.

Video 2/4: Practical Operations Governance of SOA

Here’s the second video in the series we did. I’m actually wearing my headphones as I embed this and it struck me that the sound quality is really good on these. Once again I highly recommend working with Media2o if you are doing anything similar.

Now if I could only change the freeze frame of all of these videos. It always seems to catch me in some awkward mid-breath.

Video 1/4: The Challenges of Web 2.0 Security

I did a series of videos in the fall of 2008 about Web 2.o, SOA, entitlements, etc. These were on the Layer 7 home page until recently, when we went through another re-design. The videos still exist on YouTube, but we did nothing to promote them so they haven’t been seen by too many people. I’m going to re-post them here over the next week for posterity.

This is the first time I had done this kind of media. I spent the day down at Media2o in Gastown. Bradley Shende and his crew are real pros, and I really enjoyed the whole experience. But I do have to confess: it’s a lot harder than it looks. I’ve done loads of talks at conferences, web casts, etc, and I honestly went in believing that I would knock it off in one take each and be out in time for lunch.

Was I ever wrong. Even with the aid of a teleprompter, it took hours of video to get these four short pieces. We were all pretty tired by the end of the day. I learned an important lesson here. You just can’t underestimate how a different media will impact how you perform. I can still barely watch these without cringing.

Hopefully I’ll get a chance to do this again. And I’m going to practice a lot more in front of a mirror this time…