GigaOm Structure: Private Clouds

Celeste LeCompte wrote up a great piece on the panel about private clouds I participated in yesterday at GigaOm Structure 09. I’m happy to have contributed the line that became her headline.

George Gilbert moderated an absolutely power-packed panel that also included:

  • James Urquart, Tech Strategist from Cisco
  • Chuck Hollis, VP and CTO of Global Marketing at EMC
  • Stephen Herrod, CTO and SVP R&D VMWare
  • Kia Behnia, CTO of BMC
  • Brandon Watson, Director of Azure Services Platform, Microsoft

Have a look at Celeste’s article, which also has the video of the event. I must say, I was really impressed with the GigaOm show. It was completely sold out (when was the last time you heard that happening?) and the level of organization of the tracks was really high. I’ve never spoken anywhere where they confiscated my phone before I got on stage (and for good reason–the production quality on the sound and video was top notch).

I was chatting briefly with AT&T’s Joe Weinman, who was the MC for the event (and whose dry-as-dust delivery was brilliant, BTW). He likened it to the Academy Awards for all the buzz and tech-celebrity attendance. Definitely the best show I’ve been to in recent memory.


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