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GigaOm Structure: Private Clouds

Celeste LeCompte wrote up a great piece on the panel about private clouds I participated in yesterday at GigaOm Structure 09. I’m happy to have contributed the line that became her headline.

George Gilbert moderated an absolutely power-packed panel that also included:

  • James Urquart, Tech Strategist from Cisco
  • Chuck Hollis, VP and CTO of Global Marketing at EMC
  • Stephen Herrod, CTO and SVP R&D VMWare
  • Kia Behnia, CTO of BMC
  • Brandon Watson, Director of Azure Services Platform, Microsoft

Have a look at Celeste’s article, which also has the video of the event. I must say, I was really impressed with the GigaOm show. It was completely sold out (when was the last time you heard that happening?) and the level of organization of the tracks was really high. I’ve never spoken anywhere where they confiscated my phone before I got on stage (and for good reason–the production quality on the sound and video was top notch).

I was chatting briefly with AT&T’s Joe Weinman, who was the MC for the event (and whose dry-as-dust delivery was brilliant, BTW). He likened it to the Academy Awards for all the buzz and tech-celebrity attendance. Definitely the best show I’ve been to in recent memory.


On Twitter, Social Media, and Privacy

The greatest threat to our own privacy remains ourselves. CNET reports that a twitter user believes that his home was robbed because he tweeted about being on vacation. Couldn’t see that one coming…

This is a huge problem with social media. So much of it is a thinly veiled conceit, and few think about how this information could be used against them. Sometimes the exploits can be quite subtle. The article on CNET makes some really good points about determining someone’s location through geotagged flickr photos, including where they live and when/where they are out of town.

We spend a lot of time with legislation around privacy (e.g. HIPAA) and infrastrcture that enforces privacy policy, but in the end we are our own worst enemies.

Right now, I’m at home. Sharpening my knives.

Podcast: Security, Management & Compliance in the Cloud

This is the week for publishing podcasts. Here’s one I did recently with John Moran. We spoke in detail about what cloud governance really is and how this evolves out of your SOA governance program. Have a listen and give me your feedback.

Pirate Radio Evolves with the Times

I’ve always been intrigued with the idea of pirate radio. There’s a subversive glamour to the 1970s/80s-era image of a radio station run from international waters, not subject to the usual governmental controls over content (or, I suppose, royalties). It never really took off here, although I do have an acquaintance who taught a course in building, um, unauthorized FM transmitters.

According to New Scientist, pirate radio is still alive and kicking in the UK. Localized FM broadcast is still viewed by the pirates as critically important because it taps into the marketplace of people walking around on the street with FM capable cell phones. It’s a good reminder that conventional broadcasting¬† is still important and viable.¬† This will continue until bandwidth costs become so negligable that I can reasonably stream to my iPhone as I walk around. In many markets (hello, Canada) this sure isn’t the case.

eWeek: Managing Identity in the Cloud Podcast

I did a podcast recently with Mike Vizard of eWeek. Mike had some excellent questions around all the issues is managing identity and trust relationships in the cloud. This is one of those under-reported issues around cloud computing. Security always comes down to trust, and this is going to be the significant issue business faces as it moves applications out of it’s corporate network.

Listen to it here.

Hayes Produces Apollo 11 Manual

Hayes, the venerable publisher of automobile maintenance books, has produced a manual for the Apollo 11 spacecraft. Like my earlier post on Lego’s architecture series, it’s nice to see a mainline company leverage their great brand and think out of the box to access a new market.

I have an old Hayes manual somewhere around for an 80’s Honda Civic which I owned many years ago, and at least one Series Landrover manual which I don’t own. Yet. (Fortunately my wife doesn’t read my blog.)

Video 2/4: Practical Operations Governance of SOA

Here’s the second video in the series we did. I’m actually wearing my headphones as I embed this and it struck me that the sound quality is really good on these. Once again I highly recommend working with Media2o if you are doing anything similar.

Now if I could only change the freeze frame of all of these videos. It always seems to catch me in some awkward mid-breath.

What Will Be The Future of Application Development in Cloud Computing?

Peter asks this important question over on the eBizQ forum. This is a topic I’m really interested in, and my rather long winded answer is here.