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eBizQ: SOA in This Year and the Next

It’s that time when we look back on one year and forward to the next. Over at the eBizQ forum Peter Schooff asked about SOA’s past and future:

What Developments in SOA Are You Most Thankful For This Year?

What Do You Think Will be the Biggest Trend or Development for SOA in 2010?


eBizQ Forum Question: Is Service Reuse Overrated as a Value Proposition for SOA? Does Reuse Even Work in Real-Life Situations?

Ah, the reuse question. My thoughts are here.

eBizQ Forum Question: Do You Think the Pervasive Use of Cloud Computing Will Expand or Contract the Use of SOA?

My answer is here.

eBizQ Forum Question: What are your questions?

Peter Schooff, who moderates the eBizQ forum, turns the tables on the participants and asks what are the burning questions that they have about SOA? The participants provide a good measurement of the state of SOA in the minds of its thought leaders.

eBizQ Forum Question: Is SOA Something Small to Medium-Size Businesses Can Work With?

My thoughts are here.

eBizQ Forum Question: Are Web Services Protocols Such as SOAP and REST and AJAX Effective for Building SOA Off of Mainframe, Large Systems or Legacy Environments?

Joe McKendrick poses this interesting question on the eBizQ forum. The question of when to use MOM, SOAP, REST is one that I’m really interested in.

What Will Be The Future of Application Development in Cloud Computing?

Peter asks this important question over on the eBizQ forum. This is a topic I’m really interested in, and my rather long winded answer is here.

eBizQ Forum Question: What Do You Believe is the Biggest Inhibitor Today to SOA Adoption?

My thoughts are here.