Beatniks in the Cloud

I’ve always been a fan of the Beats. Back when I was young and cool, I played bass guitar in a band called the Subterraneans, inspired of course by Kerouac’s novella of his relationship in decay, set inside the jazz underworld of San Francisco. Just as punk rock was to the music of the 70s, the Beats were a necessary reaction to society and the literature of the time. They had an influence, though sadly their image has been reduced to little more than the media-drawn caricature of the Beatnik.

Beatniks, however, are a great vehicle for satire. I was greatly flattered when David Linthicum sent me a link to this video, which riffs off a blog post I did titled Visualizing the Boundaries of Control in the Cloud.

This video is one of a series that Novell has put together looking at real issues in cloud computing. There’s another great episode that picks up on a post Linthicum wrote considering the weighty topic of fear of multi-tenancy.

Well done, Novell. You have redeemed the Beatniks for me.


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