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Recent eBizQ Posts

Lately I’ve been participating in Peter Schooff’s excellent SOA forum on eBizQ. Here are a collection of my recent responses to questions on the forum, in no particular order:

My general profile is here, which will include new commentary.


eBizQ Forum Question: What Do You Believe is the Biggest Inhibitor Today to SOA Adoption?

My thoughts are here.

The Web 2.0 Uniform

Web 2.0 is (in priority order):

  • A conference
  • A handful of technology
  • All that social stuff
  • A look

One thing I noticed by suddenly engaging with all of those things like Twitter that I actively avoided in the past is that they are all surprisingly usable (WordPress included–this is good stuff). In the last year I’ve really begun to re-evaluate JavaScript and what you can realistically do with it. And I have to admit that the mix of JavaScript and some Flash is a pretty powerful combination (I’ve been playing with Flash charting packages a lot).

Here’s a great summary of some of the leading Web 2.0 looks and UI elements. jQuery continually amazes me.

Lego Architecture Series

When I first started my career at the TRIUMF physics lab I worked with an engineer who did an informal poll of everyone he ever worked with, asking if they played with lego as a child. 100% of his co-workers did.

Lego has been good at going after the adult geek market with kits like X-wing fighters, but despite my obsession with Star Wars when it came out, these never did anything for me. In general the focused kits have never appealed; I’m more of a bucket of bricks guy.

This may change with Lego’s new architecture series. They’re doing Frank Lloyd Wright first. It’s nice to see them branching out. I could see one of these cluttering up my desk…

I wonder if they’ll come up with curved titanium bricks for a Frank Gehry set?

The new blog

Well, I finally did it. I started a blog. Thanks to David Linthicum for pushing me over the edge. I recently spent a bunch of time with Dave and he really inspired me to begin to reach out to the Internet community. 

The focus here is going to be on Web services, SOA, the cloud, and mix of personal stuff that has nothing to do with these but might give you a better perspective on who I am. 

Now at least I have a central place to organize writings. Let the blogging begin…