My New Book, Cloud Computing: Principles, Systems and Applications, is Now Available

I’m happy to announce that I have a paper published in a new cloud computing textbook published by Springer. The book is called Cloud Computing: Principles, Systems and Applications. The paper I wrote is Technologies for Enforcement and Distribution of Policy in Cloud Architectures. If you click on the link you should be able to preview the abstract and the first few pages online.

The editors of the book are Dr. Nick Antonopoulos, who is Professor and Head of the School of Computing at the University of Derby, UK and Dr. Lee Gillam, who is a Lecturer in the Department of Computing at the University of Surrey, UK. I participated on the review committee for the text, and Drs. Antonopoulos and Gillam have pulled together an excellent compilation of work. Although this book is intended as an academic work of primary interest to researchers and students, the content is nevertheless very timely and relevant for IT professionals such as architects or CTOs.

Lately much of my writing has been for a commercial audience, so it was nice to return to a more academic style for this chapter. I’ve carefully avoided book commitments for the last few years, but the opportunity to publish in a Springer book, a publisher I’ve always considered synonymous with serious scientific media, was just too good to pass up. Every book project proves to be more work than the author first imagines, and this was no exception (something to which my family will attest). But I’m very happy with the results, and I hope that this text proves its value to the community.


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