How to Choose a SOA Gateway

Dana Crane, Product Marketing Manager for Layer 7, is delivering a webinar this Thursday January 27 that tells you what you should consider when choosing a SOA Gateway. The SOA gateway category is a little like an iceberg, in that there is a lot more to it than first meets the eye. Here at Layer 7, we find that customers first become interested in SOA Gateways as a means to solve their security and transaction management problems. But they quickly discover that SOA Gateways can easily function as an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), a service orchestration engine, a lightweight PKI system, a Security Token Service (STS), and even a service host for applications. We have a number of customers who have been able to discontinue expensive maintenance contracts on basic infrastructure applications simply because their SOA Gateway was able to meet all of their needs.

I hope you can join my colleague Dana later this week and learn more about what you need to look for in an SOA Gateway solution. Dana is one of the best product guys I know. He really understands the needs of the marketplace, and he keeps all of us here at Layer 7 honest. You can sign up for Dana’s webinar on the Layer 7 web site right here.


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